Art Of The Note


People love to mourn the lost art of the handwritten note. There have been scores of articles and books on the subject -and the emotional benefit of a personal notecard in comparison to a typewritten letter is undeniable. But for those with less than perfect handwriting, composing a note by hand can be a daunting and sometimes lengthy endeavor. The recently launched new app Bond Black is out to change that.

Here’s how the invite-only app works: a customer types out a note in the app, and Bond uses its robotics technology to compose a note using the customer’s penmanship or one of 40 handwriting styles in its library. Enabling you to send notes from anywhere in the world as simply as writing a text message. Simply write your note and it will get sealed, stamped and delivered to your recipient. A fee-based Bond Black membership includes a consultation with Bond’s concierge, set-up, 120 bespoke hand-engraved cards and envelopes -made of 100 percent French-made cotton, unlimited concierge service, and access to Bond’s customized iPhone app. A customer can also have their own personal handwriting imported into the Bond’s system using ​computational analysis. ​#bespokenotes #sendyoursentiment

Like That Décor

There’s a new interior design app for your next decorating project that addresses the conundrum every décor lover knows well: After a long search, you finally spot the perfect love seat, lamp, armoire, or artisan textile, but it’s in your favorite museum, inn, restaurant, or boutique, or on Tumblr with no details -the all too common occurrence. What to do? Enter LikeThat Décor -a new tool from visual technology company Superfish, that enables you to search for décor with images, rather than words, to quickly realize your design aspirations. 


Steampunk Office Design, Point your camera at an object and within seconds the app will source the actual piece or dozens of comparable items from its broad list of retailers. It’s as simple as Snap it, Explore it, Find it. Visual search, as opposed to text driven -consumer’s primary method of locating specific images by typing keywords, is an entirely new way of exploring our world and expressing ourselves. An empowering new tool that has the potential to align the tastes and search behaviors of image-focused consumers -think active global users on Pinterest and Instagram, as well as artists and designers alike.

Steampunk_02 (1)

LikeThat Décor App, The app also allows users to search categorically from a gallery of images, or upload images from favorite social sharing & design sites like Houzz -with over 4 million interior design photos. When you find a piece of furniture you like you can simply snap a photo and the app pulls up the actual image and or a variety of complementary pieces you may have never even thought of. The app’s database includes numerous products from top furniture brands to choose from. You can click on the image in the details section, providing product specifications and information on where to get the items, and then buy directly from the merchant.

 Steampunk_02 (2)

LikeThat Décor App, Expect to find familiar retailers like Restoration Hardware, Allmodern, West Elm, Wayfair, and Gilt, as well as lesser known indie retailers and up-and-comers; there are over a thousand merchants in the network. And if you’re just daydreaming about a project that’s not quite happening yet, the app lets you save your searches -so that perfect idea or statement piece will be waiting for you when you need it. The LikeThat Décor app is available free from iTunes.

Personalize Wellness


For anyone who is looking to add a healthy dose of mindfulness to a daily routine, the app Fig reminds users to slow down and enjoy the simpler things. Personalized wellness goals for body and soul. Inspired by city slickers with high stress careers and unhealthy lifestyle habits, Fig aims to better life one small goal at a time. The app provides a wide variety of categorized tasks and goals recommended to users as well as the ability to craft one’s own custom goals, such as drinking more water, responding to old friends or remembering to meditate.


Create your own wellness guide by quickly selecting activities from common goals. Choose across 6 holistic categories -eat, move, refresh, connect, feel, and go further. Browse over 300 expert-written activities or customize and create new ones. A personal and enjoyable way to pursue your wellness aspirations. Take the journey of holistic transformation with simple activities. Share your journey with friends and loved ones. Flourish together. Available from iTunes.

Tastemaker Design

There’s a new interior design app called Houzz -Interior Design Ideas. Coined the “Wikipedia of interior and exterior design” by CNN, Houzz has the largest database of home design ideas on the net, with over 1,500,000 high-resolution photos. Browse photos by Style, Room and Location and save them to your virtual diary of ideas -it’s the equivalent of clipping design and architecture magazines to a scrapbook- making ideas easier to search, save, and share.


Houzz Interior Design AppNapa St. Helena House, John K. Anderson Design with Backen, Gillam & Kroeger Architects Browse database of photos for ideas by ‘Room’ -Contemporary, Farmhouse, Eclectic, Rustic… and ‘Style’ -Kitchen, Living Room, Home Office, Exterior… and easily begin to create a personalized lookbook to send or save for future off-line viewing. Excellent reference for self and contractor.


Houzz Interior Design App, Studio Schicketanz of Carver + Schicketanz,The app has beautiful photos optimized to click on for information on design and products within rooms, and details about the architects -as well as their portfolio of other projects. Save or visit for future reference and ideas. One of the best parts of the app is that you can search for local, location specific, and or favorite architects and designers. And discover new ones!


Houzz Interior Design App, BAR Architects, Join the discussion and get the community to help with your design dilemmas or find answers to specific questions in the ‘Discussions’ and ‘Professionals’ categories, or browse the well-edited selection of interesting and informative, and for the most part pithy, articles. Find everything from products and design projects curated by their editorial team to top-rated local designers, architects, contractors and other home pros who can help you realize your ideas. You also have the option to organize a specific lookbook of interiors with a distinct aesthetic with the many great architects on Houzz creating very beautiful & innovative design.


Houzz Interior Design App, Green Tagged Adirondack Antler Chandelier by Restoration Hardware, Where available, you can click on green ‘Tags’ within rooms for information on interesting products for details and vend0r location for later purchase. Discovering new products and stores is simple and fun, finding items locally and searching the global marketplace. I appreciate the ability to visit the virtual ‘Store Homepages’ of my favorites via an item and see what’s in stock and new in season, and or to pre-plan a room within a budget or intention in mind before shopping.


Houzz Interior Design App, Adirondack Antler Chandelier by Restoration Hardware, Search ‘Products’ category for Furniture,Windows & Doors, Storage & Organization etc., then by ‘Style’ to complete your interiors and save favorites to lookbook. Or save random images with pieces and color combinations that catch your eye -just for inspiration or to imagine multiple looks and ideas. The ability to search ‘Products’ by vendor is also a great resource at your fingertips -all in one place without having to visit individual websites, you can select ‘All Products’ to browse a variety or specify category.

Available from iTunes and Houzz

For color inspiration, discover another great new interior design app from previous post My Pantone

My Pantone

Color Inspiration


My PANTONE App, What an amazing tool! A great starting point or way to ‘jot’ down a palette when you’re out and about and see an interesting pattern, fabric, color combination in a room, environment etc. and the artistic wheels start to spin in your mind. Color is transformative and this is a great way to keep a record of what you need for work, as well as the colors you like -to inspire new projects. Fun to play with too! You can store your ideas in the app or email them to yourself. Other features include: Text and voice annotation of palettes, Post notifications of new palettes to Twitter and Facebook & GPS tagging of palettes.


My PANTONE App, Allows you to walk into a residence/business and snap a few of photos of their existing space/decor, quickly and easily, so that later you’ll have the swatches/palette at hand needed for your own resource, or designing reference for marketing materials, interiors, and more. Automatically generates harmonious color combinations.

Pantone_02 My PANTONE App, With it you can capture and extract colors from photos and snap to the closest PANTONE Color & cross-reference PANTONE colors to other PANTONE color libraries. Once you have created your color palettes you can then share them in a variety of ways: E-mail an HTML image of your palette, or E-mail color palettes that can be used in the Adobe, Creative Suite, QuarkXPress, and CorelDraw.

My PANTONE App, You not only get the matching Pantone color, but you can also get the Lab, sRGB, HTML (Hex), and CMYK values. Fantastic for graphic/media/interior designers. Colors can also be saved as Favorites. Brilliant! Available from iTunes.


PANTONE is the world-renowned authority on color and provider of color systems and leading technology for the selection and accurate communication of color across a variety of industries. The PANTONE name is known worldwide as the standard language for color communication from designer to manufacturer to retailer to customer.

The Paris Review


 Paris Review App 2012, On the app you’ll find new issues, rare back issues, and archival collections, and the complete, long series of now-legendary author interviews, as well as the Paris Review Daily from their blog.

Many literary magazines are emerging from a solely paper-and-ink world to supplement their printed material with Web sites, blogs and Twitter feeds. Though there are few examples of ones that have successfully launched mobile applications. Until now, with the recently released app from the Paris Review -the outstanding quarterly literary magazine. Which some reviewers are saying is worth more, or worth as much, than any MFA education now on the market. It’s the iLiterature syllabus extraordinaire. Because the free app gives you access to an amazing assortment of the magazine’s storied interviews archive. The Review’s Writers at Work interview series offers authors a rare opportunity to discuss their life and art at length; they have responded with some of the most revealing self-portraits in literature. Among the interviewees are William Faulkner, Ezra Pound, Elizabeth Bishop, Woody Allen, W.H. Auden, Michel Houellebecq, and Joan Didion.



The Paris Review since inception (1950’s) has become one of the world’s leading outlets for emerging and established writers. A magazine that has spoken with most of our leading novelists, poets, and playwrights, with interviews that have come to be recognized as classic works of literature, an essential and definitive record of the writing life. They have won the coveted George Polk Award and have been a contender for the Pulitzer Prize.