Thinker.  Artist. Writer. Advocate.

Mairianne Giovanna Genova begins each day by listening to the birds, has a mild obsession with trees, beautiful things, and all shades of Green, practices a willing suspension for disbelief, graduated from a contemplative college in the West, loves complicated and visually rich films, soulful, swervy, sophisticated subtext and existential meaningfulness, delights in pondering paradox, deconstructing traditional concepts, depth psychology and labyrinthian mythology, appreciates ancient, elegant, holistic systems and schools of thought, is fascinated by the anthropology of beauty and whole-self wellness, collects artful artisan artifacts, whilst being a confirmed bibliophile who believes there are few things more sensual and engrossing than a finely crafted book, that will forever be smitten with the history & charms of the New England Landscape, the Roads Less Traveled & Ordinary Magic.

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