Leica Correspondent


Lenny Kravitz with the new special edition Leica M-P by Kravitz Design

Legendary camera maker Leica, known for its defiantly old-school designs, is launching a limited edition camera set in collaboration with musician, actor and designer Lenny Kravitz, who carved out a spot in the design world when he founded Kravitz Design in 2003. New York-based Kravitz Design specializes in commercial and residential design, product development and branding. The camera design for the special edition Leica M-P was inspired by Kravitz’s first camera, a Leicaflex his dad gave him in his youth. Born out of Kravitz’ passion for photography and design, the limited edition dubbed the ‘Correspondent’, is a desirable collector’s piece crafted in the style of legendary reportage cameras.


Special Edition Leica M-P by Kravitz Design

The Correspondent features a handsome bespoke case containing a Leica M-P digital rangefinder camera with an artfully distressed finish, and two classic lenses -the Leica Summicron-M 35 mm f/2 ASPH. and the Leica Summilux-M /50 mm f/1.4 ASPH. -that harkens back to its 1959 incarnation with a scalloped focus ring and knurled aperture ring. The distinctive camera has been designed to look aged, in reference to the first camera Kravitz ever used. All 125 examples of the strictly limited edition Leica M-P Correspondent set are unique, each in its own way. An elaborate wearing process completely by hand has carefully rubbed, scuffed and scratched the black enamel finish away in several places on both the camera and lenses to let the bright brass surface shine through. The intentional aging is in homage to a well-used reportage camera, showing a distinctive patina that would usually hint at years of constant use.


Special Edition Leica M-P by Kravitz Design

The camera may look weathered, but its materials are exotic. The finest-quality durable snakeskin has been used for the trim of the Leica M-P camera, acquired naturally from controlled sources not subject to species conservation regulations. This material has also been used for the set’s camera strap and wrist strap, in premium glossy black. The custom case, which was handmade in Germany, continues the product design theme and is covered with the same snakeskin. The special edition Leica M-P Correspondent is limited to 125 sets worldwide and will be available from Leica boutiques March 2015.

Kravitz, an avid Leica shooter and collector, is releasing a photography book offering unusual insight into the nomadic life of a musician in conjunction with the special edition camera release. Photographs from Flash will be on exhibit at the Leica Gallery Los Angeles 5 March – 12 April, 2015.

Kravitz_BookFlash by Lenny Kravitz, Hardcover, 96 pgs, Published by teNeues, March 2015.

The inimitable poetry of black and white images is reminiscent of the early days of 35 mm photography where the name ‘Leica’ immediately springs to mind. This extraordinary book of Lenny Kravitz’ photography, entitled ‘Flash’ fits perfectly into this picture. Hounded by the countless cameras of photographers, paparazzi and fans, he turns the table on them all with a Leica M in his hands. Intensely emotive images expose what it means to be constantly recognised and a favourite prey of photographers. In Flash, the interesting tension that develops between Kravitz and his subjects is tangible. Flash, a book of photography by Lenny Kravitz, will be published as a special limited edition of 900 copies.

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