Blessed Jewels

Jewelry has been used for spiritual protection and enlightenment by many different cultures throughout history. From the Evil Eye Talisman and the Hamsa Hand to the Buddha and the Lotus Flower, there is a belief that wearing jewels depicting spiritual or religious motifs can protect a person from negative energies and promote spiritual healing. In today’s society, spiritual jewelry offers a sense of serenity in a hectic world and there are plenty of jewelry designers incorporating these age-old symbols into designs with a thoroughly modern aesthetic. Spirituality and style merge beautifully with these artisan jewelry collections. Etched with prayers, meditations, sacred messages, and symbolic meaning, each piece emanates elegance and good energy. Blessed Jewels for the Valentine.


Shamballa Jewels Diamond & Gold Bead Bracelet, Tan cord bracelet with 18K Yellow Gold flat beads etched with the ‘Star of Shamballa’ and set with White Diamonds interwoven. A bespoke prayer-bead-style piece inspired by the principles of Buddhism and meditation. The distinctive way of presenting holistic principles of yoga and meditation with pavé beads and macramé braiding, is synonymous with Shamballa Jewels.

Copenhagen-based Shamballa Jewels was founded by the brothers Mads and Mikkel Kornerup, providing an in-house designed collection of jewelry influenced by modern Scandinavian and ancient Nepalese designs. The ‘thunderbolt’ is a symbol for irresistible force across many ancient cultures. The double thunderbolt represents pure consciousness, a state that cannot be destroyed or corrupted and has no beginning or end. The ‘Star of Shamballa’ -two intercrossed thunderbolts, represents the force created when creativity springs in a pure, conscious mind. Through this symbol, Shamballa Jewels invites everyone to explore this force within themselves.


Buddha Mama Emerald & Diamond Pendant, A large Buddha meditates among the softly curved leaves of Mama’s signature 20K Golden Lotus elegantly surrounded by Emeralds and Diamonds, suspended from a chunky Gold chain.

A purveyor of the handmade jewelry tradition, the Florida-based recently launched Buddha Mama infuses Eastern intricacies and Buddhist values into each and every design. Often featuring opulent Mandalas and charming Buddha miniatures, the wearer is bound to connect with the spiritual that is innate to the brand’s striking one-of-a-kind Gold and gem jewelry collection. Founder and designer Nancy Badia of Buddha Mama Jewelry takes a fresh approach to luxury with a collection that marries Badia’s love of fine jewelry with her dedication to Buddhism, for which she traveled the world to find the best materials and artisans to work with.


Amrit Gold Elephant Braided Bracelet, 14K Gold Elephant head clasp with Gold and Red nylon braided thread and Diamond Eyes – Amrit’s signature piece. The braided thread is influenced by the ‘Rakhi’ bracelet of India which is worn to bring an element of protection to the wearer. Amrit is inspired to use elephants in their creations because of their great symbolic significance. The image of an elephant evokes blessings of wealth and wisdom, and when the trunk is turned up, it is said to bring good luck. Elephants are also known as removers of obstacles, which is a reminder that you aren’t given anything you can’t handle.

California-based Sat Hari, who was born in the U.S. and educated in India, is the creator of Amrit Jewelry -finely crafted pieces that have deep symbolic meanings and carry sacred blessings for the wearer. In ancient mysticism, ‘Amrit’ is the nectar of the divine. Amrit’s three collections: The Elephant Collection, 3rd Eye Collection, and Make Love Chains were created to inspire women to experience more joy, love, and sensuality in wearing these precious jewels.


Amrit 3rd Eye Garnet & White Diamonds Pendant, The Garnet is framed by a shimmering band of Diamonds set in 18K Yellow Gold and hangs from a Gold chain. The deep Red, faceted Garnet marquis encourages creativity, promotes sensuality, and has the qualities of ‘Love and Purification.’ The eye shape symbolizes the 3rd eye or spiritual vision. When the eye is surrounded by diamonds, it adds the quality of clarity to the spiritual vision. An elephant cut out on the back of the Gold setting represents wisdom, life and steadfast strength and allows the color of the stone to show through.

This powerful third eye can be worn when you need the reinforcement of its blessing ‘you are a divine creator.’ Available in a variety of gemstones to bless the wearer with specific qualities including: Amethyst = Mystical Attunement & Protection, Aquamarine = Calming & Letting Go, Emerald = Healing & Wealth, Moonstone = Romantic Love & Wisdom, Topaz = Calming & Focus, and Turquoise = Communication & Friendship.


Amrit Make Love Emerald Body Chain, Eleven natural free faceted Emeralds touch the heart chakra -the number 11 means ‘Mastership’ in the yogic tradition, with solid 14K lotus pendants engraved with the ‘Hu’ symbol and diamond in the center, to evoke the quality of clarity, all connected in a 14K Gold Body Chain. On the back of the main pendant, touching the skin, is the word LOVE, and on the smaller pendant is ‘Amrit’. For thousands of years, the lotus flower has been a symbol of spiritual awakening and ‘Hu’ is ancient Sanskrit for the’ Sound of God.’ A certain alchemy of elements combine in the Make Love Chains to represent an awaking to the Sound of God. Worn as body chain or necklace, each handcrafted piece comes with special properties depending on gemstones, blessings, and the number of stones chosen for yogic significance.


Rachel Brown Ana BeKoach One-of-A-Kind Gold Bangles, Cast in 14K Gold and engraved with a ‘Ana Bekoach’ – ‘creating miracles’ Kabbala prayer that connects our soul to the forces of creation, purifying our physical and spiritual life for the creation of miracles.

New York-based gemologist Rachel Brown designs jewelry based on her study of the Kabbalah -which reveals the spiritual teachings of the universe and hidden secrets of the Torah written in a book called the Zohar, the definitive text of  Kabbalah. Kabbalistic meditations are composed of the 22 letters of the hebrew alphabet which Kabbalah recognizes as the DNA of the universe, thus, her pieces are engraved with hebrew letters expressing variations of these meditations. The spiritual power behind these meditations connect one to “mind over matter”, total control of one’s life, and to a realm of bliss where no chaos exists. Simply scan the engraved letters on the jewelry with one’s eyes and the energy emanates to one’s soul and throughout one’s existence. Kabbalah states that the “eyes are the windows of the soul”, so that when one scans the hebrew letter combinations a spiritual technology takes place as the soul connects and downloads these energies.


Rachel Brown Unconditional Love Pendant, Brown incorporates the 72 names for God on this 18K Gold plated medallion charm and overlays those names with the Aramaic word for unconditional love in Sterling Silver, which hangs from a cable chain. The ’72 Names of God’ is a formula of 72 combinations of Hebrew letters, each three-letter combination is considered to be an angelic force or energy entity. They are not words, therefore not meant to be pronounced, just read with the eyes in the direction from right to left. The unique energies one can connect with through The ’72 Names of God’ represent everything we could need and want in life. An elegant piece with an ancient feel, that can be worn everyday to add spiritual presence to the daily routine.


Caspita Secrète Sahasrara Ring from the Chakra Collection, Finely crafted in 18K Yellow Gold and Diamonds, this cleverly designed bespoke piece conceals a secret compartment that contains the chakra’s bija sound ‘Aum’ engraved in Sanskrit, and an Aventurine symbolising the cosmos set at the back of the ring. One of twelve rings in the collection, each radiates extraordinary. The Chakra Collection jewelry by Caspita, created by Arlène Bonnant, Switzerland-based designer and contemporary art expert, takes shape around the seven main chakras. Stemming from Indian spirituality and designating seven centres of energy in the shape of symbolic lotus flowers, visualized through their own unique colour. Each piece representing a world in itself, a sensibility, an emotion, and a deity.

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