Kiefer UK Retrospective


Anselm Kiefer, Courtesy the Royal Academy of Arts, 2014.

The Royal Academy of Arts will present the first major retrospective of work to be held in the UK by Honorary Royal Academician, Anselm Kiefer, a man described as “a colossus of contemporary art,” 27 September -14 December, 2014. This will be the most significant exhibition of the German artist’s work ever held in the UK, spanning his entire 40 year career to date and unveiling new work created in direct response to the spaces. Kiefer’s extraordinary body of work includes painting, sculpture and monumental installations. Uncompromising in the subject matter he tackles, Kiefer’s work powerfully captures the human experience and draws on history, mythology, literature, philosophy and science. Destined to be full of brave and provocative work, always large in scale, ambitious in scope and astonishing in execution, this exhibition will be a testament to the career of a man driven to confront himself and the audience with the big and complex issues of our world’s past, present and future.