The Butterfly Effect

Ingrid_Dee_ Magidson

Ingrid Dee Magidson, Butterfly Effect, Oil & Mixed Media on Canvas, 26 x 31 in, 2012, © Ingrid Dee Magidson. A solo exhibition of the artist’s work in now on view through 4 March, 2014, at Unix Gallery in New York.

Magidson is an artist whose work crosses multiple boundaries. It is at once ancient, referencing high-art and Renaissance images, long forgotten relics from museum archives, and at the same time entirely relevant making use of modern techniques and materials. The fine artist coins her technique “Layerism:” creating three-dimensional compositions of transparent acrylic layers through mixed media process that allows the viewer to see through the images to illuminate an intricate and poetic world within. A world where time is irrelevant, and hundreds of years of historical context are brought to life in a single work of sublime beauty.

Magidson’s new book title, Madness of the Muses, is inspired by a dialogue written by Plato in 370 B.C. In it, Socrates and Phaedrus discuss the influence of the Muses on the artist versus intellect alone. They conclude that inspired art is far better than anything the logical mind could create on its own.


Madness of the Muses, The Art of Ingrid Dee Magidson, Published by Stratumentis Publishing, 2013, Hardcover, 12 x 9 in., 176 pgs, With special introduction by contemporary Russian and American art collector, Bradley E. Place, Jr.

Madness of the Muses is a richly illustrated overview of the career of this intriguing artist. Over two hundred color reproductions highlight Magidson’s life and artwork; from her early experiments to the brilliant works being done today. Articles by prominent magazines and newspapers, as well as essays by the artist share a personal look at Magidson’s early life and her meteoric rise as an artist. Included in the book is a complete catalogue of Magidson’s work from 2006 to 2013.