Valentines Pearls & Pens


Vintage Postcard, Greta Garbo, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, Photographer: Iris Verlag.

Greta Garbo, considered one of the most beautiful women in the world. The Swedish model/actress has remained a legendary icon of glamour, real talent, and mystique. Today, her feminine presence continues to inspire style gurus, film lovers, and fashion mavens. Not surprising then that Montblanc -the German brand celebrated for generations as the paramount creator of some of the most extraordinary and luxurious writing instruments in the world, known for quality design, tradition, and master craftsmanship, celebrated the 100 year anniversary of the birth of Greta Garbo with a remarkable Special Edition Pen (2005).


The Greta Garbo 100 Year Anniversary Limited Edition Fountain Pen by Montblanc, includes a barrel and cap made of 18K Rose and White Gold, embellished with Mother of Pearl inlays and adorned with Diamonds totaling 1.7 ct., a Rose Gold clip set with white Akoya Pearl, and Pearl, and hand-made 18K Gold Platinum-plated nib.

‘Special Edition for the Elegant Woman’ is both modern and sensual, a truly glamorous, feminine pen, with its curvaceous shape and strikingly sophisticated details. Unique. Captivating. Much like the woman herself. Equally appealing to the intellectual, affluent, true pen aficionado and collector alike. Comes in three versions -a Regular Edition with a cream-colored cap, jet black resin body and Sterling Silver, with an engraving of Garbo’s signature, and two Limited Editions, one with a ring of Diamonds with numbers limited to 1,905, and the Greta Garbo 100 Limited Edition limited to 100 pens. A pen that inspires love letters! Perfect Valentine’s gift for your lady-love, true love. Must be at least one of these limited edition beauties available somewhere in the world! Happy hunting. May the search be with you!