Be Here Now

A favorite illustration/text/page from Remember, Be Here Now by Ram Dass, 1971.

Consciousness and love -the confluence of these qualities represents the highest aspiration for humanity. A new film, Cultivating Loving Awareness, explores the path to realizing loving awareness and the path to the true self with four insightful teachers: Ram Dass, Krishna Das, Sharon Salzberg and Mirabai Bush. A special screening of Cultivating Loving Awareness and a live video chat with Ram Dass and Krishna Das will take place on 13 November at 7:30 pm EST. On November 14th, downloads of the film will be available. This is a free online event. Info & Registration here: Cultivating Loving Awareness


Ram Dass (AKA Richard Alpert) is an American contemporary spiritual teacher and the author of the seminal book Be Here Now (1971). He is known for his personal and professional associations with Timothy Leary at Harvard University in the early 1960s, for his travels to India and his relationship with the Hindu guru Neem Karoli Baba, and for founding the charitable organizations Seva Foundation and Hanuman Foundation.