Art Of Strength


From the“Juste Un Clou”(Just A Nail) Collection, 2012, Available at select Cartier boutiques. This collection is a reinterpretation of a design Aldo Cipullo created for the house in 1971, which marked the opening of “Cartier & Aldo Cipullo, New York City in the ’70’s” an exhibition of archival images at Cartier Mansion in NYCthe company’s Fifth Avenue flagship, this past Spring. Echoing the festive wildness at heart that sprung up around the iconic Studio 54 in the 70’s, this classic piece was perhaps ahead of its time, displaying a modernity that remains up to date. Aldo Cipillo was the same designer who created the iconic LOVE collection for Cartier -here again with recurring use of metaphors symbolizing strength and construction like the screw and nail, this collection is the expression of a rebellious nature and the reflection of self-belief. Juste Un Clou bracelets and rings come in white and rose gold, with and without diamond embellishments. Cartier Always Nails It!