Doppelgänger By Design

The latest issue of Little White Lies Magazine is available now. They’ve designed two versions of the magazine to celebrate Mike Cahill’s film “Another Earth”, cleverly flipping the black and white palette.

Little White Lies is a bi-monthly, independent film magazine out of the UK featuring cutting edge writing, illustration and photography, that ventures beyond the boundaries of the big screen, exploring the worlds of music, art, politics and pop culture. A magazine on a mission – to reshape the debate across the movie landscape. And this latest issue, much like several that came before, is bold, beautiful, well crafted and unique. Intriguing as both a stand alone concept and homage to the film. A work of art.

Official trailer for “Another Earth”, 2011. An American science fiction drama directed by Mike Cahill in his feature film debut which premiered at the 27th Sundance Film Festival in January 2011.

3 thoughts on “Doppelgänger By Design

  1. Doug Evans

    Most welcome. Indeed, your blog has opened my eyes to some fantastic content. A joy and source of inspiration.

    Take Care – Doug

  2. Thank you for the note and sentiment Doug, considerate. Glad you continue to find the Artful Blog interesting, valuable…

    Yeah, Another Earth…a testament to the idea that ‘time’ may not be linear…

    Best, Mairianne

  3. Doug Evans

    Greetings Mairianne,

    I am guilty of being a selfish, frequent visitor of this precious, interesting and truly enlightening blog in so much as I’ve been entertained, delighted and educated with great writing and truly diverse and engaging content – yet, I do not leave a remark.

    My apologies begin with this entry. I thoroughly enjoyed the trailer to “Another Earth” and will be eager to see the film, now.

    Additionally, as one moved by the creative mind, art in any form, design and music – I am thrilled to learn of Little White Lies! Thank you for the wonderful showcase on this magazine. I’ve been wandering through their blog now too…. Having created quite a few extra bookmarks since reading your blog – a problematic gift as there’s simply not enough time in a day!


    Thank you!


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