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Ayurveda enhances health by creating a balance of mind, body, and spirit. One of the chief components of Ayurvedic therapy is Ayurvedic massage -a daily ritual for many which incorporates a full face and body massage into their daily self-care routines using organic oils. There is no greater expression of self-love than lovingly anointing ourselves from head to toe with warm oil -this practice is called ‘Abhyanga.’ The Sanskrit word ‘Sneha’ can be translated as both “oil” and “love.” It is believed that the effects of Abhyanga are similar to those received when one is saturated with love. Like the experience of being loved, Abhyanga can offer a deep feeling of stability and warmth.


A daily Abyanga practice restores the balance of the doshas and enhances well-being and longevity. Regular Abyanga is especially grounding and relaxing for imbalances, but everyone can benefit from this practice. Massage the entire body. Start with the scalp, ears, face and neck. Then, move to the shoulders, arms and hands, and the front and back of torso. End with the legs and feet, letting the oil penetrate and absorbing the effect of the massage. Even just a few simple strokes will feel good and be of benefit, and can make all the difference in the world for both the skin and spirit.


Enjoy the feeling of having nourished your body, mind, and spirit and carry that with you throughout your day with these extraordinary oils from founder-driven indie beauty brands that lean clean and embody integrity, passion and spirit. Companies that tell a story, and care about ingredients, product purity, efficacy, and artisanship. These oils made with love, are those that I use and recommend to incorporate into any daily self-love ritual. Love for luminous skin head to toe.


Solavedi Organics Carrot Rose Cleansing Oil, Cleansing is both the start of a new day and the washing away of the old. Cleansing should leave your skin feeling soft, breathable, and ready to receive nourishments that follow. According to the rejuvenation therapies of Ayurveda, our cleansing needs vary from day to day, season to season, and person to person. Cleansing with oil is one of nature’s finest cleansers. Carrot Rose Cleansing Oil, highly nourishing, packed with organic, bioavailable flowerpetal and essential nutritive compounds, softens the skin, and gently but effectively unclogs pores and helps to soothe sensitive skin, while coaxing it to self-regulate. This, and Solavedi’s Honey Blossom Facial Wash, used separately or combined, are just incredible. Triple-infused botanicals for the skin and senses. Solavedi Organics Founder Carollanne Crichton is a well-respected New England-based massage therapist, Ayurvedic practitioner and yoga instructor. In support of her practice and belief in the power of nature to promote good health and great food for the skin and soul, she was motivated to craft her own extensive line of Ayurvedic skincare and spa nourishments free of toxic chemical preservatives, synthetic additives, parabens, phthalates, artificial fragrances or dyes. All of her products are artfully made on-site at Solavedi Organics.


KYPRIS Beauty Elixirs, Highly concentrated facial oils nourish and protect the skin, adding powerful vitamins and antioxidants. They are more potent thus hydrating than a moisturizer and, despite their texture, absorb quickly. Most importantly, they are incredibly effective at treating a wide range of complexion issues, everything from dry skin to hyperpigmentation to acne. KYPRIS is a tightly curated, quality-controlled, holistic beauty line that epitomizes ‘slow beauty,’ made up of elegant formulations to suit distinct skin type and aromatherapeutic preference, packaged in beautiful art nouveau inspired glass bottles. Beauty Elixir II Healing Bouquet, ‘Flower Power’ for combination skin, is my holy grail for balanced, beautiful skin. Simply divine. A 100% active formula with free radical-quenching CoQ10, collagen-inspiring Vitamin C, and a rainbow of phytonutrients, essential fatty acids, and natural actives from select plant sources to continually calm, soothe, and inspire radiant, supple skin. Especially beneficial for essential oil lovers with combination or fussy skin. This special line is brought to life by the goddess creatrix Chase Polan, whose grounding ethos, beauty with a soul supported by science, manifests with purely magical results.


SUNDÃRI Chamomile Eye Oil, This penetrating oil smooths and replenishes delicate skin around eyes naturally. Healing Chamomilla Recutita Flower Oil and emollient Avocado Oil nourish and soften skin. And natural antioxidants, Vitamins A & E help reduce the appearance of fine lines. SUNDÃRI’s signature product with cult-like status, for good reason. Imagine a skin care line that embodies a mind-body-soul philosophy to bring harmony to your skin. SUNDÃRI which means ‘beautiful woman’ in Sanskrit, offers a unique system of natural Ayurvedic based skin care products to address imbalances that blends modern science for immediate results with botanicals known through ancient wisdom. Co-founded by devotee of Ayurveda and avid practitioner of yoga, global philanthropist and model, Christy Turlington Burns hopes to help women discover truly beautiful skin, the Ayurvedic way. Safe for sensitive types, SUNDÃRI skincare is an excellent choice for those looking for natural and balanced solutions to skincare maintenance.


Kumari Luxury Oil Therapy, Inspired by founder, Aarti Gala’s Indian heritage and a sweet beauty ritual passed down from her mother, she designed a hair oil treatment that combines the benefits of organic Coconut, Grapeseed and Argan Oils. This nutrient-rich oil blend is infused with botanicals like Yerba de Tago and Indian Sarsaparilla to stimulate and deeply nourish the scalp and hair, with Kumari’s signature intoxicatingly aromatic Magnolia and Sandalwood fragrance. Kumari Luxury Oil Treatment is a pre-shampoo treatment, that can also be worn overnight, once a week, for increased beautifying results. Whether you’re a man or woman, with curly or straight hair, thin or coarse, hair oils are an amazing and therapeutic way to keep your hair super shiny, strengthened, really healthy and vibrant from the inside, out.


Lina Hanson Global Body Serum, This luxurious, hand blended mix of nutritive oils was created by Swedish-born beauty and makeup artist Lina Hanson following the great success of her Global Face Serum -which too, is pretty fabulous. Her 100% natural skin care products work for everyone, no matter the age, skin-type or ethnicity. A golden-hued earthy oil that includes ten of the most beneficial oils for the skin, which are sourced by Lina Hanson from all over the world -Rice Bran, Apricot Kernel, Argan Nut, Yuzu, Vanilla, Camellia Seed, Brazil Nut, Pumpkin Seed, Pink Grapefruit, and Avocado. Each ingredient used is sustainable, ethically sourced, and certified organic. This symphony of precious oils combine to deliver one healthy dose of hydration that absorbs quickly and creates an undeniable glow. Additionally it has a bright earthy scent that uplifts mood, relieves anxiety and promotes a sense of positive well-being. Light, yet lush, silky and long-lasting. The Global Serums are a must have, for their overall message of global celebration, sustainable sourcing and handcrafted artistry, and ability to help transport us to feeling beautiful, and loved.

A day in the life of Lina Hanson Global Beauty –video she recently shot for The Grind with Said Who? Productions.

Blueberry Basil Lemonade

I really enjoy blueberry season at its peak. Whether you get to pick your own fresh blueberries right from the bushes, or purchase them by the boxful, the colorful little fruits are easy to incorporate into a lot of different recipes, especially desserts. This recipe offers a very healthy option in beverage form. This lemonade rich in antioxidants contains no added sweeteners and incorporates a savory sweet element that is one of my favorite combinations -vitamin-rich lemons and fresh basil. #recipeforasummerweekend


Blueberry Basil Lemonade, The long stretch of warm Summer days are here. And there is no quicker way to cool down than with a refreshing, ice-cold drink. Homemade lemonade is given a delicious twist with the addition of sweet blueberries and fragrant basil. A simple recipe that focuses on fresh Summer garden ingredients. Enjoy!


  • 1 1/4 cup fresh blueberries wild, organic if possible
  • 4 sprigs fresh basil
  • 1 lemon juiced
  • 2 cups chilled water
  • 1 cup ice optional


  1. Place the blueberries and the basil in a blender and blend on high until uniformly combined, about 30 to 60 seconds. Add the lemon juice and stir to mix.
  2. Pour water into a pitcher and add ice, if using. Add the berry mixture to the pitcher and stir to combine. Garnish each glass with blueberries, lemon & basil.
  3. Best enjoyed when fresh, but this lemonade can be stored in a tightly sealed container in the refrigerator for up to 3 days.

Art Of The Tree

Ancient trees affected by cosmic rays are the subject of The “Diamond Nights” project by San Francisco-based photographer Beth Moon. Moon has spent over a decade photographing the world’s oldest trees in daylight, now she has returned to capture these majestic trees at night. Most locations were truly wild and remote, far from civilization and light pollution in the southern hemisphere of Africa in Botswana, Namibia and South Africa. Mighty and eccentric Baobabs and surreal Quiver trees are featured in this work, titled after constellations named by the ancient Greeks and Romans.


Beth Moon, From the Diamond Nights Series, Archival Pigment Prints, © and Courtesy Beth Moon, 2014.

“Our relationship to the wild has always played an important role in my work. This series was inspired by two fascinating, scientific studies that connect tree growth with celestial movement and astral cycles,” explains Moon. The first study concluded that cosmic radiation impacts tree growth even more than annual temperature or rainfall, the second found that tree buds change size and shape directly correlating to the moon and planets.


Beth Moon, From the Diamond Nights Series, Archival Pigment Prints, © and Courtesy Beth Moon, 2014.

For her Diamond Nights project, a guide lead Moon across unmarked terrain to each location during the day, seeking out isolated areas where there was not a single soul for miles around. Once she found her subject, she marked the location with a collection of small rocks so that she would be able to find the right spot again using only a flashlight when she returned at night. The majority of these photographs were created during moonless nights, shot with a wide-angle lens and ISO of 3200~6400.


Beth Moon, From the Diamond Nights Series, Archival Pigment Prints, © and Courtesy Beth Moon, 2014.

The Milky Way, a ribbon of stars that stretches from horizon to horizon burns brightly in some of the images. Exposures up to 30 seconds allowed enough light to enter the lens without noticeable star movement. Each location required a lot of experimentation and different lighting techniques. Sometimes a short burst of diffused light from a flashlight was sufficient, or bounced light from multiple flashlights was used for a softer more natural glow.


Beth Moon, From the Diamond Nights Series, Archival Pigment Prints, © and Courtesy Beth Moon, 2014.

Against the starlit sky, the ancient trees appear like something out of a fairytale. The peace that surrounds them adds a magical quality to the uninhabited natural world. When creating her works of art, Moon herself experienced this otherworldly feeling, staying with the trees for hours at a time to witness the powerful presence and union of Mother Earth and Father Sky. As David Milarch explains in the book, The Man Who Planted Trees, ” Trees are solar collectors. Most people equate that with the sun’s energy. But the sun is only one star, and there are billions of stars that influence the Earth with their radiation. I believe energies inside the earth are transmuted and transmitted into the cosmos by the trees, so the trees are like antennas, senders and receivers of earth energies and stellar energies.”

Moon is represented by Corden|Potts Gallery in San Francisco. For more Ancient Trees, see her most recent publication.


Ancient Trees: Portraits of Time, By Beth Moon, With Essays By Todd Forrest and Steven Brown, 2014. Beth Moon’s fourteen-year quest to photograph ancient trees has taken her across the United States, Europe, Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. Some of her subjects grow in isolation, on remote mountainsides, private estates, or nature preserves; others maintain a proud, though often precarious, existence in the midst of civilization. All, however, share a mysterious beauty perfected by age and the power to connect us to a sense of time and nature much greater than ourselves. It is this beauty, and this power, that Moon captures in her remarkable photographs.

This handsome volume presents sixty of Moon’s finest tree portraits as full-page duotone plates. The pictured trees include the tangled, hollow-trunked Yews, some more than a thousand years old, that grow in English churchyards; the Baobabs of Madagascar, called “upside-down trees” because of the curious disproportion of their giant trunks and modest branches; and the fantastical Dragon’s-blood trees, red-sapped and umbrella-shaped, that grow only on the island of Socotra, off the Horn of Africa.

Moon’s narrative captions describe the natural and cultural history of each individual tree, while Todd Forrest, vice president for horticulture and living collections at the New York Botanical Garden, provides a concise introduction to the biology and preservation of ancient trees. An essay by the critic Steven Brown defines Moon’s unique place in a tradition of tree photography extending from William Henry Fox Talbot to Sally Mann, and explores the challenges and potential of the tree as a subject for art.

Indie Beauty Expo


Indie Beauty Expo Panel Speakers at The Altman Building, NYC, 27 August, 2015, A day devoted to independent beauty brands and the people who love them. This first of its kind event provides buyers and consumers an opportunity to connect, experience, and buy from the best independent, clean and artisanal beauty brands. Featuring expert panelists, activities, special guest appearances, on-site demos and fabulous giveaways, the expo is chance for brands to showcase and celebrate what makes them unique, niche and independent. For information visit Indie Beauty Expo #savethedate

Lemon Thyme


Lemon Fresh Decor, Filling a bowl with fresh Lemons makes for a sunny Summer centerpiece. Lemon Yellow, the most luminous of all the colors of the spectrum, is youthful, optimistic, and energizing. In almost every culture Yellow represents sunshine, happiness, and warmth. And the fruit, with a scent that is singular, unisex, nostalgic, simple and clean, is always the right choice for Summer. A crisp fresh scent that rejuvenates the skin and mind. Add a bit of zest to your life with these citrus bright ideas that conjure up the sweet smell of Summer. #scentsational


Jane Iredale Lip Drink, Now in three color options Sheer, Buff & Crush, these moisturizing lip balms quench lips with long-lasting hydration thanks to the range of natural ingredients, Carrot Seed Oil and Avocado Oil to soothe and moisturize, Coffee Seed, Blackberry and Green Tea Leaf extracts, vitamin E & C for antioxidant benefits, and Lemon Peel Oil for a delicious fresh taste. From Iredale Mineral Cosmetics -a company committed to enhancing your most beautiful self through natural products that nurture your skin. Cosmetics that encourage your skin to breathe and your beauty to shine through. #letyourlightshine



I’m Fabulous Organic Lemonade Fragrance Oil, A fabulous mix of Citrus Essential Oils, Lemonade is a sparkly, effervescent and exotic citrus scent. In which no water or alcohol is used, just pure, organic oils without any chemical preservatives, stabilizers or additives. Lemonade from Lemons. Founded and developed by Anis Lacerte, a highly regarded medical aesthetician, I’m Fabulous produces super concentrated, organic skincare and beauty products that are formulated and manufactured in small batches to keep products fresh and the raw ingredients active. #superpowerbeauty


Kahina Giving Beauty Lemongrass Nettle Argan Soap, A gentle yet effective face and body cleanser with a bright, zesty Lemon scent. Crafted with a blend of moisture-rich Argan, Olive and Coconut Oils to cleanse and clarify without stripping the skin, and Lemongrass to minimizes pores and work as an anti-bacterial. With a rich moisturizing lemony lather, this is the perfect Summer soap -for those who like soap in Summer like me. Inspired by Morocco made in New York Kahina Giving Beauty is an organic line named for a Berber Queen and prophetess, a symbol of empowerment and a heroine for the Berber. Results-driven all-natural skincare based on highest quality Argan Oil, personally sourced and fairly traded. Founder of Kahina Giving Beauty, Katharine L’Heureux has built a holistic regimen around this multipurpose ingredient that enhances the lives of both the artisan and end-user. #inspiredbeauty


Dr. Hauschka Lemon Lemongrass Body Oil, A vitalizing body oil that fortifies and firms the skin, while the uplifting, refreshing scent of Lemon Peel and Lemongrass extracts invigorates the body and senses. Formulated with Lemongrass, Mistletoe, field Horsetail and Lemon Peel, combined with Sunflower Oil, then carefully blended using unique rhythmic processing methods. With a scent that is light-filled, lovely, and lasting. Dr. Hauschka’s Lemon Lemongrass Body Oil evokes the feeling of having walked into a Lemon Grove in Italy on a Summer day, where the fragrance from the blossoms and newly fallen fruit surrounds you, creating a fresh, full of vitality ambiance. An exquisite Summer body oil from Dr. Hauschka -the holistic skincare brand that set the bar in the industry, creating products designed to be used as part of a healthy lifestyle to reconnect us with our natural, seasonal rhythms. #biodynamicbotanicals


Halston Heritage Maxi Dress, Halston Heritage welcomes the bright dress trend with a Lemon Yellow maxi, punctuated by soft, allover pleats and an ethereal, sheer overlay. Scoop neck, sleeveless, adjustable spaghetti straps, gathered neckline, finished with a detachable contrast faux leather belt for a defined silhouette. The maxi dress has become the “it” dress of Summer. Who knew that an early 1970’s staple would become a favorite trend in 2015? The maxi dress has it all. The dress provides freedom of movement, comfort, can be dressed up or dressed down, yet is glamorous. Available from the luxury American fashion house that still inspires fashion today through its evolving legacy as Halston Heritage and from Saks Fifth Avenue -whose flagship store has remained a presence in Midtown Manhattan since the early 1900’s. #modernvintageappeal


Organic Meyer Lemon Indoor Tree, The Meyer Lemon Tree -believed to be a cross between a Lemon tree and an Orange tree, is a suitable indoor tree because of its size. Self-pollinating and sun-loving, this tree produces fruit indoors as long as it is cared for properly and receives enough light. If you’re lucky, it will provide some flavorful, tangy citrus to use in your kitchen. Tip: To get citrus trees to reliably set fruit indoors, where no bees or other ambient pollinators are buzzing around, you can hand pollinate. Using an artist’s paintbrush, collect the Yellow pollen from the tips of the feathery anthers inside a flower. Then brush the pollen against the sticky surface of the stigma in the center of a blossom. Repeat with each flower. Lemon Trees are available from your local Farmers Market and fine Home & Garden Design stores such as Terrain -which combines the resources of a specialty nursery with the design-savvy furnishings and relaxed shopping experience of its sister store, Anthropologie. #growyourown


Breville Citrus Press, Crafted of die-cast aluminum and zinc with a brushed-stainless-steel exterior, built-in sensors activate juicing process once the press arm and fruit are in proper contact. You can count on this motorized press to squeeze every delicious drop of juice from your favorite citrus fruits, from Lemons, diminutive Limes to plump Grapefruits, with a gentle press of the handle. Available from Williams-Sonoma -the specialty retailer of high quality products for the home inspiring cooks everywhere. That began with a store in Sonoma, California, and took off and helped fuel a revolution in American cooking and entertaining that continues today. #grovestandfresh


The Lemon Cookbook: 50 Sweet & Savory Recipes to Brighten Every Meal by Ellen Jackson, April 2015, As a main ingredient or an aromatic accent, the distinct flavor of Lemon is part of virtually every cuisine in the world. Now the best of these zesty ideas come together in a truly vibrant collection. Lemons add a fresh, tangy burst of flavor to both sweet and savory dishes and have a way of making all the other ingredients in a dish shine. From savory meals like Meyer Lemon Risotto to sweet treats like Lemon Verbena and Blackberries, and Lemongrass Lemonade, here are delicious recipes featuring the bright flavor of Lemons. Inexpensive, easy to find, and simple to cook with, they’re also good for you, containing a hit of vitamin C. #homemadestyle


Ralph Lauren Monticello Paint, Ralph Lauren’s RLVM236 shade, available from the Vintage Masters lifestyle colors, adds depth and warmth to any decor. Monticello Yellow is a custom paint formulated by Ralph Lauren Home, originally developed for the restoration project that formulated the paint that would be used on the walls at Thomas Jefferson’s ‘Monticello.’ Not the subtle sort of pale, dusky yellow one might imagine would accent the walls of Thomas Jefferson’s historic home in Virginia, but what has been described as a brilliant Yellow that is an homage to the progressive vision of the man who lived there. One of the reasons Jefferson himself was thought to have chosen the paint was the effect it would have created during softly lit dinner parties, before the advent of electricity. “You can just imagine that in the evening hours it was a really warm, extremely fabulous color,” said Susan Stein, the Richard Gilder senior curator and vice president for museum programs at Monticello. “With just a little bit of candlelight, it has a warm and inviting glow to it.” A color, when contrasted with two coordinating colors, Brilliant White and Bone Black, and rich wood tones, just sings. #brightidea

Timeless Beauty


Audrey Hepburn, wearing Givenchy photographed at “La Vigna,” a charming villa in Albano Laziale in the Provicia di Roma, Photography by Norman Parkinson for Glamour Magazine, August 1955, © Norman Parkinson Ltd./Courtesy of Norman Parkinson Archive.

The “Audrey Hepburn: Portraits of an Icon” exhibition is on view now through 18 October, 2015, at the National Portrait Gallery London. This fascinating photographic exhibition will illustrate the life of actress and fashion icon Audrey Hepburn -who continues to inspire editorials today. The exhibit will chart Hepburn’s early life in London, to the pinnacle of her international stardom, to her later philanthropic work, Portraits of an Icon will celebrate one of the world’s most photographed and recognisable stars. A selection of more than seventy images will define Hepburn’s iconography, including classic and rarely seen prints from leading twentieth-century photographers such as Richard Avedon, Cecil Beaton, Terry O’Neill, Norman Parkinson and Irving Penn.

The BBC’s Francine Stock takes a look at this boutique exhibition. Film by Northern Town, 2015.

Alongside these, an array of vintage magazine covers, film stills, and extraordinary archival material will complete her captivating story. Richard Avedon once said, having worked with her on countless shoots. “I can only record. I cannot interpret her … She has achieved in herself her ultimate portrait.” Even when Hepburn is staring squarely at the camera, there is the suggestion of secrecy, a thought withheld. The face is almost always half-turned. The smile is almost always a half-smile. Privacy is always somewhere out of the frame.

Travel Light Carry On


Summer is finally here. The days are longer and brighter. And the travel itch begins to set in. Here are a few useful and brilliant things to bring along for the journey. Hit the road with these sensible to the sensational curated essentials. Travel Light and Carry On! #firstclasstips


Dr. Alkaitis Organics Travel Kit, Great skincare that keeps skin clean, balanced and glowing is equally important at home and when traveling -when stressors abound. Dr. Alkaitis Holistic Organic Skin Food is made with edible living ingredients, certified organic/biodynamic and wild-crafted herbs, fruits, sea vegetables and virgin cold-pressed pressed plant oils. Effective therapeutic raw health food for the skin. Founder Dr. Alkaitis is a world-renowned physical chemist, research scientist and molecular biologist, whose scientific expertise and extensive research in the healing properties of living plants has resulted in the creation of one the most dynamic holistic personal care lines available to date. The Organic Travel Kit, packed with 8 essential products -almost the entire line, is a results oriented travel necessity. Included is the fabulous Nourishing Treatment Oil for face, hair & body that feels like silk and smells divine. Give your skin the attention it deserves. #therapeuticskinfood


Jane Iredale Dream Tint, Sample Color Kit & Pure Gloss, The definitive year round tinted moisturizer, Dream Tint, works to hydrate, protect and correct your complexion in one step. With a lightweight texture, it creates a soft focus while calming and soothing inflammation and providing UV sun protection, with gentle ingredients for sensitive skin. A favorite amongst Jane Iredale fans for years, this stellar petroleum-free lip gloss with Moringa Butter and Avocado & Sunflower Seed Oils makes lips feel conditioned, moisturized, quenched and nourished. Long-lasting, gorgeous Tangerine is that just right pop of sheer color for a fresh, polished look. With a lovely sampling of some of Iredale’s best-selling makeup, the Color Sample Kit is smart and travel-friendly. An icon in the industry, Berkshires-based Jane Iredale founded Iredale Mineral Cosmetics in the 90’s and was the first to supply the aesthetics industry and physicians with a full makeup-line based on minerals that was good for the skin. #lookgoodfeelgood


Shankara Aromatherapy, Promote wellness, stability and vitality on the go with Shankara Relaxing, De-stressing and Reviving Essential Oil Blends. Three 5ml Aromatherapy Essences in a rollerball for convenient application, beautifully boxed. RELAXING to help ground and calm the mind. DE-STRESSING to soothe and cool intense emotions. REVIVING to wake up and invigorate. Apply to pulse points as needed. Just right for treating stress, anxiety and restlessness, which may arise while traveling. Shankara Ayurvedic skin care products embody an alchemy of East and West concept mirrored in their Lotus-Rose logo. The Rose, a symbol of pure beauty and love in the West. The Lotus, a symbol of wisdom and light in the East, embraces the rose. In Sanskrit, the name ‘Shankara’ means, ‘Pure Beauty with Fully Blossomed Consciousness.’ Behind everything they do is a strong intent to serve humanity, from producing fine, energetic products to the donation of 100% of the net profits to global humanitarian work. #scienceoflife


Iphoria Couleur Au Portable iPhone Case, Your smartphone will be protected traveling and runway ready with the Couleur Au Portable iPhone Case. Inspired by an iconic bottle of Chanel Nail Lacquer, this shock-absorbing TPU just case nails it. Founded in 2012 by Berlin-based designer Milena Jaeckel, Iphoria stands for euphoria in the digital age, for that certain “je ne sais quoi” that transforms the ordinary into a fashion statement, for the excitement of the new and the still unknown. Stylish mobile accessories, designed with passion and produced with care. Iphoria girls don’t compromise, every item is not only fashionable, but also functional. #ifashionforward


Kaufmann Mercantile Briefcase Backpack, This handmade leather briefcase backpack is well-suited to carrying essentials on adventures near and abroad. The design was inspired by the pouch-like bags that can be spotted in Ecuador which leather craftsman Andrew McAteer combined with a pattern adapted from a 1901 British Navy Ammunition pouch. An inner divider keeps documents safe, and an interior pocket is sized to hold passport or mobile phone. The adjustable belt-style straps are attached with brass rivets that allow movement, so the bag can be custom fit to your body, while ensuring that the weight you carry is evenly balanced. A handle at the top of the bag makes it easy to grab from a plane’s overhead storage or to carry by your side if you wish. New York-based Kaufmann Mercantile carries a tightly edited collection of goods from 300 makers from 20 countries, chosen for making the finest products in their class. #oldschoolstyle


OfAntique Yoga Mat Bag, An artisan leather yoga bag lined with 100% Thai silk with gorgeous embroidered textile design was inspired by the baby carrier used by the baby carrier used by the Hill-tribe people from Southern China 40-80 years ago. Conceived in 2011 during a voyage to South East Asia with her children, designer Rita Bastos fell in love with the amazing antique textiles and its legacy techniques. As such, the hand-blended, naturally concocted dyes, exquisite woven silks and outstanding embroideries, ignited her imagination to create a limited portfolio of one-off high-end artisan bags. Fusing exceptional craftsmanship with timelessly stylish designs, the portfolio appeals to the chicest global nomad, a person who seeks elegance, inspiration and authenticity, to house their beloved wares. All pieces from OfAntique are meticulously crafted by hand in Bali. Weave a story of tradition and culture and bring a luxe edge to your practice and travel. #artofthetextiles


Emilia Travel Set by Sofiacashmere, Traverse the globe in luxurious style and unparalleled comfort with this three-piece cashmere travel set which includes blanket, sleep mask and zip bag set, that will make even the most tedious layover or long flight feel manageable and restful for the sensitive traveler. What started as a family business over sixty years ago, Sofiacashmere is one of the most notable purveyors of luxury goods in the cashmere industry. Specializing in sweaters, coats, home goods and travel sets, this distinctive knitwear brand only sources the finest cashmere from Mongolia and China. #superchic


Rachel Brown Kabbalah Dog Tag Necklace, Gold Vermeil plated Stainless Steel Dog Tag with Swarovski Crystals and Ana Bekoach (creating miracles) prayer engraving -Kabbalah prayer that connects our soul to the forces of creation, purifying our physical and spiritual life for the creation of miracles. In today’s society, spiritual jewelry offers a sense of serenity in a hectic world. I like to travel with just one striking and talismanic piece. Spirituality and style merge beautifully in the artisan Kabbalah jewelry collection of New York-based gemologist Rachel Brown. Well-crafted pieces that are etched with prayers, meditations, sacred messages, and symbolic meaning that emanate elegance and good energy. Blessed jewels for the journey. #ancientspiritualwisdom


Jiva-Apoha Amma Body Oil, ‘Amma’ is ‘The Divine Mother in Sanskrit.’ This feminine spirit is the part in us all that is generous and extraordinary, and the breathtaking beauty and simplicity of Amma Body Oil brings that into focus. Herbaceous, Rosy Palmarosa marries with smooth Sandalwood and hypnotic Indian White Jasmine for the perfect meditative body treatment oil. This blend is a blues-chaser of the highest order, and places euphoria squarely within your grasp. Always carry your signature scent with you to keep grounded and balanced. Amma is one of the truly sacred oils created by ‘Rolling Stone Shaman’ Angela Shore of Jiva-Apoha. Masterfully combining Native American techniques with Ayurvedic knowledge and throwing in a touch of swagger, Shore blends and infuses her oils with intention, healing and grace. Anoint your body with the extraordinary healing powers of these oils and get ready to be transformed, and become a fan. #sacredselflove


Aromaflage Wild Botanical Fragrance & Insect Repellant, Aromaflage is an ingenious fragrance that also repels insects. Wild is the perfect healthy alternative, plant-based travel fragrance that lets you live your outdoor lifestyle and keep the bugs at bay while caring for your skin -free of DEET, parabens, and sulfates. From the Southeast Asian jungle, Aromaflage Wild combines notes of Cardamom, Cedarwood, and Spruce. An earthy, Green, sophisticated, seasonal must-have. Also available in the signature Aromaflage botanical scent that combines notes of Citrus, Cedarwood and Vanilla for an aroma that too is perfect for Summer.  Aromaflage was founded by husband and wife entrepreneurial team Michael & Melissa Fensterstock to create a sustainable, innovative company focused on delivering value to customers while also supporting the developing world. Don’t leave home without one of their botanical aromatic multi-taskers which take form in purser, flagship bottle, bracelet, or soy candle. #botanicalbugsbegone


101 Places in Italy: A Private Grand Tour: 1001 Unforgettable Works of Art by Francis Russell, This well-informed selection of the most rewarding towns, cities, villages, and individual monuments in Italy is the definitive guidebook for the discerning traveler. The author has been visiting Italy for over fifty years, and is the perfect companion for those who want to know about more than the obvious attractions. As well as covering the finest sights in the major tourist centers of Rome, Florence, Venice, and elsewhere, Francis Russell discusses and describes the neglected, or little-known, masterpieces that are still to be found across the Italian peninsula.

The author chooses and explores palaces and gardens, city squares and lonely churches, frescoes and altarpieces, great museums and tiny ruins that together provide a richly textured portrait of a country where the history and patterns of civilization lie more thickly than anywhere else on earth. This book will enhance and enrich the visitor’s experience of the most visited country in the world, by virtue of its sensitivity, its wisdom, and its deep knowledge, and by means of its vivid, eloquent, and entertaining exposition. A must-squeeze-into-hand-baggage or backpack. #bravissimo

Day Of Yoga


International Day of Yoga. Yoga is an ancient physical, mental and spiritual practice that originated in India. The word ‘yoga’ derives from Sanskrit and means to join or to unite, symbolizing the union of body and consciousness. Today it is practiced in various forms around the world and continues to grow in popularity. Recognizing its universal appeal, on 11 December 2014, the United Nations proclaimed 21 June as International Yoga Day. International Yoga Day aims to raise awareness worldwide of the many benefits of practicing yoga.

Soothing Solstice


Herbal Facial Steam, As the seasons transition, helping the skin find balance is key. Skin often needs a little damage control. Celebrate the Summer Solstice this weekend by treating yourself to a home-spa facial to help mitigate the changing seasons. An easy at-home facial can help keep skin happy and balanced. Start with a light exfoliating cleanser, followed by a hydrating facial steam made from remedying, astringent herbs. This herbal steam -with soothing Chamomile, antibacterial Lavender and healing Rose, will help to gently purge the pores of accumulated toxins and buildup. Restore the skin and soothe the senses!


  • ¼ cup dried lavender flowers
  • ½ cup dried chamomile flowers
  • ¾ cup dried rose petals
  • ½ cup dried comfrey leaves


  • Place all of the herbs in a mixing bowl and toss until you have a uniform blend. Transfer to a jar, label and cap tightly. Store jar in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight -will keep up to two years.
  • Boil four cups of water, then remove from heat. Stir 2 tablespoons of herbs into the water. Cover and let stand for five minutes.
  • Clean your face. Bring the pot to a table, and make a tent over the pot and the back of your head with a towel to create a mini-steam room.
  • Hover over the steaming pot at least eight inches away with your eyes closed. If the steam is too hot, let some of the steam out and move your face a bit farther away from the steam.
  • Breathe deeply, relaxing for five to 15 minutes. Restoration!

Cartier Panthère


Cartier Panthère, by Vivienne Becker, Berenice Geoffroy Schneiter, Joanna Hardy, André Leon Talley, 11×14 in, 300 pages, 150 illustrations, Linen Hardcover in a luxury slipcase.

Silently stalking its way through Cartier iconography for a century, the Panther is the proud leader of the pack of precious animals that make up the famous Cartier menagerie. Cartier Panthère illustrates the panther throughout art history and popular culture, chronicles the creative evolution and technical expertise behind Cartier’s exquisite Panther jewelry, and recounts anecdotes of legendary Cartier personalities and patrons from Jeanne Toussaint and Daisy Fellowes to María Félix and the Duchess of Windsor. Featuring stunning imagery, including rarely seen preparatory drawings from the Cartier archives and the most recent haute joaillerie creations unveiled at the 2014 Biennale des Antiquaires in Paris, this beautiful volume is the definitive collection of 100 years of Cartier Panther jewels. New release special edition available from Assouline -publisher of the most sophisticated books in the world. I ♥ Cartier